Stephen Etnier, "Winnegance Bay" (SOLD)

Stephen Etnier

Stephen Etnier (American, 1903-1984)

Stephen Etnier possessed a restless fascination with remote scenery that had a formative influence on both his life and art by driving him to seek out solitary locales, such as the coast and islands of Maine. Beginning in 1928, Etnier undertook a private apprenticeship with renowned painters Rockwell Kent and later worked with artist John Carroll, who took Etnier on a sailing and painting expedition along the Maine coast. This experience proved to be personally and artistically significant as Etnier continued to strengthen his ties to Maine by purchasing a house in Georgetown in 1934, marking the beginning of his long-term residence in the state. Etnier's artistic output was characterized by his attention to the interplay between light and the surfaces it delineates as well as the geometry of outdoor scenes.

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